Friday, October 28, 2016

New from The High Point of my job! High Point Market Fall 2016

Khrome Studios met and connected with the most talented artisans we could dream of at this market.

We are so excited to share our new lines and introduce you to the companies as they enter the US market in partnership with Khrome Studios   We are passionate about custom design, high quality, unique and functional design.  With Conarte we found all of the above.  Available in solid French Oak or American Walnut, with 18 stains and finishes.  
These designs are by Guiliano Riello for Conarte.

A fabulous functional coffee table; hidden storage, hi-lo use, what's not to love?Dining or Entrance Bench, many sizes, solid oak, 18 stains. 

Under 1500.00 net.

This Dining Table has several groves under the oak/walnut top so you set your design appropriate for your guests.  The wood floats in your room.

Wall Art!  Practical and elegant. Hang your bags, back-packs and treasures.
 Ours is in a white stain! 

The Hi Table reminds me of my home in Umbria. Every Sunday morning, we would host any and everyone in town.  If only I had this beauty; choose an ice bucket, burner, vase for lavender, or an appetizer tray.  
Meant to be loved. 

Two of their fabulous functional coffee tables; hidden storage, hi-lo use,
how practical is that!

The Ultimate Wall Mount Storage.  Inverted, 1-10 pieces to store your entire kitchen or book collection.  Available in any size and wood/stain. 

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